Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Elders watching and guiding | for Windspeaker by Malcolm McColl

Basketball may be the hook that pulls youngsters into Friendship House in Prince Rupert, but it's only one of the many tools that long-standing community worker George Sampson and his staff use to help shape the young charges.

The tidy port city of Prince Rupert is set on one of those big islands abutting the B.C. coast and it is busy with new development and some say it's standing on the starting line of a brilliant future. To provide the youth who roar in the door at Friendship House with constructive life affirming direction, Sampson balances recreational activities like basketball with a lot of well-conceived, time-tested, and spiritually-founded programs.

Elders watching and guiding | Windspeaker - AMMSA

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Spiralling Racial Violence and Hate of Northwestern Ontario

The Spiralling Racial Violence and Hate of Northwestern Ontario: A new Statistics Canada report shows Thunder Bay has one-third of Canada's reported anti-Indigenous hate crimes, indicating justice gone missing in the lives of First Nations people in northwestern Ontario. The City of Thunder Bay is inundated with mysterious deaths and violent acts of racism, and hate crimes against Indigenous youth keep spilling into the news.